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Managing your IT resources within a cloud environment can be tough – even for experienced IT personnel. People often fall into the trap of treating the cloud in exactly the same way as they’d treat their in-house IT resources and infrastructure – which almost always leads to a combination of excessive costs, security vulnerabilities and reliability issues.

When done well, the Cloud can be incredibly powerful tool for any business. At its core, the Cloud can allow a smaller business to compete against a bigger business – without requiring the capital investment associated with buying extensive and expensive IT assets and software. It can also allow a business to increase their system reliability by an order of magnitude whilst simultaneously reducing their risk exposure to data corruption, backup failures and in-house building failures (power outages, fire, theft etc.).

We were early adopters of the cloud and have been utilising the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud specifically for our core business systems since 2009. During this time, we have built up a wealth of practical experience around what does and doesn’t work well within the cloud for businesses. When you work with us, you automatically gain access to this experience – as well substantial experience solving cloud-based challenges from a diverse range of small and large businesses.

Cloud Account Management

If you’re struggling to manage your existing Cloud account, you are not alone. As you will no doubt already know, the Cloud providers often use “marketing names” to describe their services – instead of using terms that you may already be familiar with. This can lead to your staff being fearful of changing any aspect of your cloud environment – as they are uncertain as to the potential flow-on effects of any change.

Put simply, we can manage your Cloud account for you. Our level of engagement with you can vary between us acting as a point of review prior to any change being made to your Cloud account through to us fully managing your account and making any changes you request directly on your behalf.

Cloud Account Review

Based on our previous experiences, the majority of businesses that utilise cloud-based services are doing this in a sub-optimal way. This usually includes at least some of the following:
  • A misconfiguration of services so that they are not being accessed properly – usually leading to a loss of reliability or redundancy
  • Incorrectly sized services – meaning that a business is paying more than they should be for their cloud hosting
  • Security vulnerabilities – such as making private cloud services available publicly on the internet
  • Backup failures and misconfigurations – leading to key business data being missed entirely from the backup schedule or the backed up data being held for an inadequate period of time

If any of these concerns ring true for you or if you simply don’t understand what your business has in the cloud, we can help you. We can conduct a simple or a detailed review of your cloud-based hosting and produce a report which will inform you of any items of concern for your business.
Arvo Technology Solutions Brisbane Cloud Account Review

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Migration

If you’re not in the cloud and don’t know where to begin, we can help you. Working with one of our cloud specialists, we will work with you to firstly establish your motivation for moving towards the cloud and will identify the key benefits that you are looking for at the end of your migration.

We will then design a migration plan that meets these objectives. The plan will also include:

  • Cost estimates – broken down by up-front costs and ongoing costs
  • Options to decrease or increase costs – depending on your business’s specific needs
  • Implementation timelines – including the estimated outages or interruptions to your business
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