Software Development

We build smart systems that are agile and ready to solve your future needs

New Systems

Do you have an idea for a new system or app but don’t know where to start? Is your idea well-established and you simply need a highly proficient team to turn it into a reality? No matter what stage of the process you are up to, our team can help you. We have practical experience working both with startup businesses who are still forming their idea through to large businesses and Government organisations who need a reliable, technically-mature team to implement their system.

When we build systems, we take the time to plan an architecturally-sound solution right from the outset of our engagement. We build systems both to last and be further enhanced at a later date – with the realisation that most businesses do not stand still and will have requirements that change over time.

Arvo Technology Solutions Brisbane New System Builds
Arvo Technology Solutions Existing System Support and Enhancement Brisbane

Existing System Support and Enhancement

In addition to building new systems, we also offer a range of services in the areas of the support, maintenance and enhancement of existing software systems. We tailor our engagement based on the specific needs of our clients as this can vary heavily between clients. Common engagement models include:

  • On-call/adhoc support of our client’s systems
  • Periodic retainer which can be used for support, maintenance/patching or enhancement services
  • In-depth engagement of our developers during periods of extensive system enhancement or new feature release

System Reviews

Do you have an existing system that is not working correctly? Are you concerned about the stability or security of an existing system and are seeking a degree of comfort that everything is working properly? We can help you by conducting a review of your system.

Depending on your desired scope of works, we can perform an in-depth review of all aspects of your system or can perform a targeted review on a narrow portion of functionality or on a specific concern. When conducting a review, our team has the ability to review your system from numerous perspectives including:

  • Architectural – is the system architecture suitable to your current and future needs?
  • Development – has your system been coded in a sustainable manner?
  • Infrastructure – does your system run on appropriate servers and systems?
  • Environmental – does your system run within a healthy ecosystem that is free of unnecessary security risks and is appropriately backed up?
Arvo Technology Solutions Brisbane System Reviews
Arvo Technology Solutions Brisbane UI-UX Reviews

UI/UX Review

Most systems are only as good as the User Interface (UI) or User Experience (UX) that is provided to the user or customer that must use the system. Phrased differently, many business owners focus on the functionality of a system at the cost of having an intuitive or easy to use system interface. This can leave users lost or frustrated when using a system – unable to easily undertake the task that they are seeking to complete.

If you are experiencing this issue or if you are not getting the desired level of engagement from your users within the system, it may be beneficial for you to conduct a UI/UX Review. When we engage with you on this service, we will review all aspects of the design, flow and experience of your system. We will use this review to highlight areas of concern within the system – along with suggested fixes and potential new designs that will overcome these issues.

Depending on the system and the status of your development team, we can either liaise directly with your developers to get these changes implemented – or alternately, we can implement them directly for you.

Our Technology Stack

Whilst we are proficient across a wide variety of languages and technologies, given the choice, we prefer to use the following technology stack:
  • MySQL (or MySQL compatible) database
  • RedHat-based linux operating system
  • Nginx web server
  • Node.js application stack
  • Vue.js JavaScript Framework
  We have chosen this technology stack as:
  • It’s open source – meaning that the ongoing licensing costs are either completely free or very low
  • It’s both reliable and scalable
  • It’s used by many, many organisations – meaning that these technologies are constantly being developed and enhanced
  • It’s mature and is unlikely to become outdated in the near future
  • It’s secure – and whilst all technologies have security flaws, vulnerabilities within this stack are addressed and patched quickly

We also have practical experience working in the following technologies:

  • Database Platforms
    • SQL Server
    • Oracle
  • Operating Systems
    • Windows Server
    • Other variants of Linux
  • Web Servers
    • Apache
  • Application Languages and Frameworks
    • .NET and C#
    • PHP
    • Angular and React.js
We can solve your business road-blocks with custom software solutions. Ask us how today.